Sticky Tape Residue Removal Tip

I learned a useful tip the other day. I had left tape on a white photographic background for a while, and it left sticky residue on the plastic surface.

Gauntlet’s Most Awesome Steam Review

The new Gauntlet game by Paradox Interactive released last month. It’s a faithful remake of the original game, and apparently someone was just waiting for that, obviously preferring the game to her newborn baby.

League of Legends’ Bot Issue

League of Legends’ Bot Issue

I started playing League of Legends earlier this year.
I don’t care much for any mode other than ARAM, which I find the most thrilling… or at least I did until recently.
Somehow it went from super fun to totally boring and annoying in a matter of days.

I am not the first person to have noticed this. It is a known issue overall in most games of this type, involving progression through experience…

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one of my photos as a baby… 

That’s an awesome montage :)

LOL Mini Figures

This are not LEGO, and I doubt these are approved League Of Legends (LOL) products either. Manufactured by Becool, these figures were found at a stationary near my apartment. They are priced KRW2,000 (about 2 dollars), which prompted me to doubt the existence of a licensing deal between Riot Games (creators of LOL) and Becool.
Either way, those are kind of cute and I like the fact that they have 2…

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World DJ Festival 2014 Pictures – Part 4

World DJ Festival 2014 Pictures – Part 4

And finally the last batch of pictures from the World DJ Festival 2014.
A lot of fun at Yangpyeong this year!



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World DJ Festival Pictures - Part 3

Part 3 of the World DJ Festival 2014 pictures. Taken in Yangpyeong, Korea on 30 August 2014 (Sat).20140831_024522_KRW_9022 20140831_023400_KRW_9013 20140831_022838_KRW_9001 (more…)

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Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we’re nearing collapse
Graham Turner and Cathy Alexander,

Four decades after the book was published, Limit to Growth’s forecasts have been vindicated by new Australian research. Expect the early stages of global collapse to start appearing soon

The 1972 book Limits to Growth, which predicted our…

Again a signal that Club of Rome was right in the 70:s…