A Guy Timelapses His Daughter Over 14 Years

This is a unique video. Over 14 years, a Dutchman took short footage of his daughter, every week.

Korea Tuning Show 2014

Korea Tuning Show 2014

You know you’ve got the best wife in the world when she suggests to buy for you and your friends tickets to go to a tuning show.

This time it was the Korea Tuning Show at KINTEX, and for the first time in Korea, the show also hosted the Hot Imports Night (HIN).


The winner in the center

20140329_160215_KRW_8234 20140329_160232_KRW_8235


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Shaka Ponk At Bataclan (Paris)

Shaka Ponk At Bataclan (Paris)

A good old friend of mine just made me discover this “experimental” band, Shaka Ponk. Awesome visual performance, and great music.

Their latest album is even available to download for “almost free” there:


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Pull In Popup Opening At Club Vanguard

Pull In Popup Opening At Club Vanguard

Formerly known under the name “Don’t Tell Mama”, and located right next to the Ramada Hotel, Club Vanguard opened recently in Seoul (Seolleung Station area).

It’s in the large-sized clubs category, not as big as Octagon or Ellui, but the configuration is very good.

Not to mention that they hand out light sticks to play with! That’s a cool touch!

20140309_055100_KRW_797920140309_023117_KRW_7901 20140309_041917_KRW_7974 (more…)

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Smash Hit iOS Game

Smash Hit iOS Game

Smash Hit is the latest game I downloaded from the Appstore. I only started playing it less than an hour ago but it feels so good already that I wanted to write about it.

It is free to download and play and enjoyable as such. With an in-app purchase, you can unlock the possibility to save check points so that you don’t have to start from the beginning every time.


It’s a brilliant game, easy to…

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Short Visit At SPOEX 2014

Today I made a quick visit to SPOEX 2014, the annual sports industry show at Seoul’s COEX, for professional reasons.

The LOL Fever Got Me

The LOL Fever Got Me

I have not been updating the blog for a while now.
Partly because I have been crazy busy at work, and partly because I recently discovered a new hobby: League Of Legends (aka LOL), the PC multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game from Riot Games.
To clarify, I knew about LOL before, I even once went through the pain of downloading and installing the client on my PC a few years back, and playing…

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